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August 29, 2013
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Matsuya, Yukari by Ghalory20 Matsuya, Yukari by Ghalory20
lmao how do you draw kids???
meh well... Hiro's precious baby
Name: Matsuya, Yukari
Nationality: Japanese
Nickname: Yua
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Height: undetermined
Weight: undetermined

+ Hiro-oniichan
+ Hiro-oniichan's custard cakes
+ Hiro-oniichan's voice
+ college text books
+ hair accessories and long hair ribbons

- getting her hair tangled
- worms
- people who waste food
- girls who are extremely pushy towards Hiro onii-chan
- horror movies

Personality: Yukari is an exceptionally bright child. At her young age, she is capable of understanding many things and acting maturely, like an adult. She has a calm and collected composure, and she is not the type to panic or show distress. Unlike girls her age, Yukari does not show interest in playing with dolls or stuffed toys or makeup (with an exception of one). Instead, she prefers reading or simply observing.

However, her mature demeanor simply vanishes when around her older brother, Hiro. When around him, Yukari is the type to jump up and down in order to reach for his hand. She'd do anything to get his attention, something which the other readily gives. Although she isn't the spoiled child of the family, Yukari still loves it when Hiro spoils her and that is the only time she'd act her age, childish and carefree.

Biography: Despite being the youngest out of the four Matsuya siblings, Yukari was never the spoiled child. Being born from a poor family, she knew how it was to live in poverty. She didn't get to have much luxuries in her younger days, thus, she didn't ask for much and lived the life of simplicity. She was contented as long as she had her big brother Hiro with her, and she didn't complain.

However, it wasn't long that their mother got fed up with life's hardships and filed a divorce and took custody of her. She was downright heartbroken, being taken away from Hiro-oniichan just like that.

Life with her mother proved to be hard at first. She was alone most of the time, her mother working to keep them from starving. Soon, things had gotten better for the both of them. She had also heard that Hiro had left their father to lessen their father's burden and had started working as a model. Her brother often visited her, and sometimes, she'd even stay over at her brother's apartment. When Hiro had started working as an idol, she had never been more proud of him.

Additional Info:
- she only lets Hiro cut her hair, and because he had been so busy, it had grown longer
- despite not wanting to play with dolls or stuffed toys, she keeps a plushy given to her by Hiro on her 5th birthday
- she doesn't like wearing flash clothes or clothes that are too colorful
- she dreams of marrying someone like Hiro-oniichan, and she often tells him that to lift up his spirits
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Hiro-niichan's precious baby sister is precious :iconloveloveplz:
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